Legal Rights and Responsibilities after Marriage

Often, after getting married, we don’t gather a good knowledge of the legal implications and responsibilities that we are supposed to follow. We go about following our basic mundane schedules, post marriage and are thus completely oblivious of the code of legal structure, obligations and entitlements. This, on the other hand, makes us more prone to problems that may arise due to such asymmetric information and any legal issues stemming out from them. One thus needs to be aware of the legal nuances and understandings particularly on the front of taking up responsibilities after marriage, rather than staying in perpetual denial of them.

In India, there are a plethora of laws, statutes and Acts that are applicable for different situations after marriage, some of which are mentioned:

  • Provision of tax benefits: After marriage, both husband and wife are eligible to file joint income tax returns with the respective taxing authorities assigned and are also eligible to create a partnership of family subjugated under federal tax laws such that division between family members may be made of any sort of business income or revenue.
  • Basic Right to Residence: Once married, the wife legally inherits a share of her husband’s residence as it is her matrimonial home. She is also eligible for exemptions on both estate taxes and gift taxes for all estates and property that is bequeathed upon her by her husband.
  • Benefits of Medical facility: Post marriage, a spouse is eligible to take crucial decisions in favour of his or her partner since in case of emergency, the person may not be in a state to speak or express his or her medical urgencies. Also, in case of admittance to any sort of hospital or nursing home, a spouse can visit his or her partner at any point of time and also under any situation whatsoever. He or she is also of top priority in case of signature of any documents, deeds or bonds needed for further treatment.
  • Right to Insurance and Employment facility: A spouse is eligible to procure insurance benefits through the employer of his or her partner and can also receive the insurance sum assured, wages, compensations and pensions of his or her deceased partner. Also, he or she can take a leave accruing to family grounds in case his or her partner falls sick or any such personal circumstances. On death of the partner, a spouse may also be offered a post or job by his or her partner’s employer.
  • Right to decide upon partner’s death: As mentioned earlier, a spouse is of great priority in case of any medical emergency or even death of his or her partner since the subsequent decisions of post mortem investigation (if required) and also pertaining to other final proceedings like cremation and funeral. In case of land or property disputes against a third party, the spouse of an individual has every right to decide on the future of it.

Having said all of the above, the thing that becomes quite certain is that proper of knowledge of legal rights and a responsibility among married couples is very crucial.