All kids are creative naturally and if you foster it with necessary training then they can become smart and talented. The cut throat competition in the current era will not let anyone sustain who is not talented and the graph of this competition will only go high! Hence, this post is to provide some golden tips as to how can you raise a smart and talented child.

Give an early start: If you want your child to be smart and exceptional then you need to give him something different which is nothing but an early start! Spending time with your child, talking to him, making him walk, playing little brain games, singing, gesturing and activities like these will cultivate a habit of learning. Buy those toys which are good for his brain development! Read books to him even if he doesn’t speak or understand words. This will also develop a lifelong interest of reading in them and would also improve their language skills. You would see the difference as they grow up!

Stop saying an instant ‘No’ to your child: How many times do you say ‘No’ to your child in a day? If he is picking something up or fiddling with things or if he is going out to play or if he is asking for some item in store, you first reaction is “No”! Don’t do it, don’t eat it, and don’t demand for it etc.! Have you ever wondered how this impact little minds? When you ask him to sit and study, he says no! When you ask him to shut down the television and go to sleep, he says no! Children learn from you and if you are going to give then negation in everything then they will respond back with negativity! This doesn’t mean that you don’t stop them for wrong things but instead of denying instantly, make him understand and divert his mind to other things.

Keep them away from Electronic devices: We have seen parents hand over their smartphone to their tiny tot while they are shopping or they are occupied in one or another way! The radiations from all these smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices negatively impact the developing brain of the child and thus they should be kept away. If you are not giving attention to your kid and just handing them over a device to keep him busy then they will not learn the language of love. Interact and play with them as these are necessary to provide the foundation of higher thinking skills.

Do not help them in solving tough queries: If they won’t do mistakes, they will not learn and hence you have to allow them to do mistakes and then think of a solution. Don’t rescue them too quickly as those kids who never experience failure can actually develop low self-esteem and phobias. Let them learn from their own experiences. This will not only help in developing grit and perseverance but would increase their focus, ability and creativity also.